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Hair Growth Jam

This jam was designed for those losing hair, for those who have already lost hair and for those who want to maintain healthy hair.  I know that some people feel that it is taboo to apply "hair grease" to the scalp because of them thinking it can clog your pores, but that is not true. Everybody's hair requires different needs and my hair flourishes when I moistuirze my scalp and seal my hair with Nurturing Naturals Hair Growth Jam. The herbs and oils in our formula will awaken the follicles under the scalp to create new healthy moisturized tresses plus acts as a sealant for the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream).
Depending on your hair, you won't need to apply daily plus it will also kill any bacteria or fungus that is on the scalp as well. The essential oils blend we use in our jam is very cooling to the scalp to allow much needed blood circulation to the head area. We are aware that healthy hair follicles starts from within but this jam is for moisturization and healthy hair maintenance.
Ingredients: Neem,  Rosemary herb, Peppermint herb, Comfrey root, Nettles, Horsetail, Fenugreek, Avocado oil, Olive oil, castor oil, pure tallow, pure essential oils blend, and Pure unfiltered beewax
Hair Rejuvenated
Posted Oct 3rd 2017 by Vanessa

Nurturing Naturals has done wonders for my hair, no more shedding and it has even helped my edges to grow back. Now, no more wigs. I got my confidence back and my hair is beautiful, so healthy. Thank you

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Hair Growth Jam
Hair Growth Jam