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Nurturing Naturals Jammin' with nature body jams are made for anybody with skin that craves total hydration. We call them jams because of how they look in the jar, stiff and unmovable, but when you delve into our jams and apply them to your skin you will see how it melts on smooth, like soft butter on warm toast, leaving a nice sheen to the skin. As the day goes on, you will see how the jam will seep into the skin to reveal an even more healthier, natural glow and a suppleness that is unmatched! It works well on the toughest, roughest skin out there. There was no skin our body jams couldn't conquer!! Just pure body jam goodness for the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.
Apply daily and feel the difference!
Ingredients: Pure unfiltered beeswax, olive oil, apricot kernel seed oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, organic pasture raised tallow, Shea butter, raw honey, pure essential oils blend, organic orange peels, organic lemon peels, organic lime peels, myrrh resin, frankincense tears and organic vanilla bean.
They come in scents of Cocoa butter/Vanilla bean-----Citrus-----Tea Tree/Orange peel-----Honey------Chamomile/Lavender-----Earth
*please specify at checkout As
1. Cocoa butter
2. Citrus
3. Tea Tree/Orange peel
4. Honey
5. Chamomile/Lavender
*Also available in 8oz. family size*
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    Body Jam

    Posted by Angela E. on Aug 1st 2017

    have used the shampoo, Body jam(cocoa Butter/Vanilla Bean), Bowel Detox and the Beautifully Balanced formula and was very happy with them. I need to try the Eczema jam!
    I have the shampoo mixture, which cleans your hair without drying out your hair. It also leave your scalp so cool. I hate washing my hair because it get so dry. So this is the only thing that didn’t  dry my hair nor my scalp out.  For my body and hair I use the Body jam. I have eczema and any one with eczema knows it can dry you out,  so when I get out of the tub  I use the body jam. I put it on my scalp every 3 to 4 days for two weeks then don’t put any on my scalp until a week before I wash my hair. I wash my hair every six weeks. I use just a little at a time and loved that it gives my hair life and shine without the heavy feeling like some products give you. Thank you for helping me reach my goal of only using all natural products.

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