About Us


Nurturing Naturals was started over 17 years ago while on a search to find a truly natural, free of pharmaceuticals solution to eczema for our 3-month-old baby at the time. What we were prescribed by her doctor, after reading all of the harsh side effects and was told, "Well, the benefits outweigh the risks". I knew as a mother I could not subject my new baby to ingredients that had such blatant disregard for human life. I pondered the question to myself, "Lord, I know you have something out here for us to use that is not unsafe". I didn't want something as a "quick fix" that didn't heal the root cause of her issue and that would also have dire consequences for her later on in life. My husband and I did not give our child what was prescribed for her and was eventually discharged from that doctor for not following what he deemed was right for OUR child, actually we were discharged from two doctors. Our quest consisted of finding something that actually worked so we started researching herbs, oils and butters and I became certified as a clinical Herbalist. She is now 17 years old, and it was a bit of a struggle in the beginning, but I can say that I'm glad we took the alternative road to health and recovery vs the allopathic way.

That was the beginning of our journey and here we are today.......


We use only organic and wild crafted herbal botanicals in our products. The capsules we use are kosher and made from beef gelatin or vegetable. If you are vegan or vegetarian, please inform us along with your order if you are ordering capsules so that we may make that needed adjustment to your order.  We will never use sawdust, rice, wheat or soy fillers in our herbal capsules or tinctures. We use all herb and nothing else. When making our tinctures we use only 100% organic sugar cane alcohol in the extraction process. We make small batches at a time to ensure that you, our customers, are getting the most potent extract. Alcohol preservation in herbs means that the process that we use to make our herbal tinctures or extracts are made the "regular" way or based in 45% alcohol or higher depending on the herbs involved. We make them this way because herbs contain both fat soluble and water-soluble compounds and alcohol is unique in that it can extract both of these compounds from the herbs, therefore giving you a potent extract as an end result. Alcohol based extracts are also one of the fastest ways to deliver herbal nutrition to the body. Tinctures made from alcohol are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, and stomach lining. This method also allows for a longer shelf life than other extraction methods such as water, vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar, which are still wonderful ways to make extracts depending on the type of herb and its constituents.

The main questions we get are, "Can I get drunk from taking this tincture" or "Is it safe for my child to take", the answers to both of these questions are yes and no......I know you are wondering, Which answer is for which question? No, you cannot get drunk or tipsy taking our herbal tinctures, and Yes, they are safe for children to take. I know these questions are important to our customers who are abstaining from alcohol or parents that are concerned for their children's well-being. We take those matters very serious and to the heart.

The age dosage for children younger than 3 months is---2 drops, 3 to 6 months--3 drops, 6 to 9 months--4 drops, 9 to 12 months--5 drops, 12 to 18 months--7 drops, 18 to 24 months--8 drops and so on. As they get to ages 9 to 12 years they can take as many as 30 drops. You can also follow Young's Rule or Cowlings Rule to determine children's dosage as well.

After the finished product, there is just as much alcohol left in the extract as say some over ripe fruit or fermented foods. When was the last time you got drunk eating an overly ripe banana......? :)

As mentioned before, some herbs simply will not release their medicinal qualities to a solvent that is less potent such as water, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin.

No refrigeration is required but keep out of direct sunlight or in hot areas for long periods of time. 

Two droppers full of tincture equals an 8oz. cup of tea. If you find that they are too strong to take by mouth you can put the droppers full of tincture into a warm cup of water to make an instant potent herbal tea! 

Happy trails on your health journey! :)


Love, The Nurturing Naturals Family