X-Factor anti-viral herbal extract (For shingles and herpes simplex viruses I, II & III)

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X-Factor- a noteworthy special talent or quality

As a master herbalist, I have had the pleasure of talking with quite a few people regarding shingles outbreaks. Shingles is the adult form of chickenpox also known as Herpes Simplex type III. It does not cover the entire body like chickenpox, only a portion of the body but can cause blisters, a lot of itching, and nerve pain after the outbreak is cleared up. Shingles usually can occur in people when there has been a lot of stress in the body, specifically like herpes simplex viruses I and II (cold sores or genital herpes) or if the person was inoculated with the shingles vaccine. Most of us already have these viruses in our bodies from the chickenpox vaccine we received as children. These types of viruses live in the nervous system and outbreaks are directly linked to a low-functioning immune system, which is why X-Factor was formulated. When applied directly to the infection site, it has been successful in treating shingles, herpes I, and II. We have gotten rave reviews from people who have used our X-Factor formula, while still in the testing stage, stating how their blisters were cleared up completely, some in a matter of days, even when the medicine they were given by their doctors did not help. 

Ingredients: Herbal infusion of Org. Oregano, Bee Propolis, and wildcrafted Thyme 


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