Published by Aja-certified MH on Jan 9th 2020

Patience:  A person's ability to wait something out or endure something tedious, without getting riled up. (Vocabulary.com)

As a clinical herbalist I can't stress enough how very important patience is in your everyday life, especially if you are trying to overcome a certain condition or dis-ease. Usually, the question that I am asked the most is, "How long will this take before I am healed". Patience is much needed in this instance. When you are dealing with an intense situation in your life, patience has to become a permanent fixture in your character. People have done a real number on their bodies with processed food, fast food, medications--prescribed and over the counter, illegal drugs and alcohol coupled with stress, little to no sleep and nutritional deficiencies from the diet. 

If you have been dealing with a health issue 5 years, it will take you at least 6 months to rectify the issue utilizing natural methods. We are living in the microwave society and people want results quick, fast and in a hurry. People don't take the time to realize that it took them years to destroy their temple and it will take time to restore or rebuild that temple back to health, but patience and a transformed mindset is very much needed to allow this to happen.

Instead of thinking about how long it will take for you to rebuild your health, focus on just taking one day at a time and making the most of that time ensuring you are getting proper nutrition, proper rest and most importantly healing the mind of the unresolved issues that have caused you to be in the state you are seeking help in. 

Know that you are not the only one going through and that your circumstance can be much worse than what it is. Remember, God will not put more on you than you can bear. 

Don't make your situation more than what it is because it is an inconvenience to you at the moment. Take responsibility for YOUR choices that got you in this predicament and take the necessary steps to get back on the right path to reclaim your health.

 Do a total self reflection of healing unresolved issues, releasing toxic and stressful relationships, and forgiving.....yes, this includes forgiving yourself.

Take one day at a time, take responsibility for your actions and most importantly be grateful that you are still alive to make things right. 

  Don't be anxious for tomorrow.......Live To-day!

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