Go Ahead & Smile herbal teeth & gum powder 2oz.

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Our herbal teeth and gum powder does wonders for your mouth. It not only freshens your breath but it will relieve tooth and gum pain, strengthen gums, heal inflamed gums,  support connective tissue health and will heal other teeth and gum issues and keep your saliva healthy and alkaline or neutral. One of the main causes of tooth decay and gum disease is acid based saliva, I know people think it is sugar but it's more to it than that. Anything we ingest as food or drink coupled with heredity plays a major role in our oral health. If there are issues within the body, then you will notice a change in the health of your teeth and gums. Acidic saliva allows bad bacteria to grow and if left untreated, with time, can cause tooth decay. Keeping a well balanced diet and drinking pure water will allow your body to produce saliva that is more alkaline to keep the teeth from breaking down and causing cavities and gum disease. Our herbal teeth and gum powder will keep your breath fresh, your  mouth healthy and those around you happy!Image result for smiling teeth emoji


For even better results use with  'Wash Your Mouth' Herbal Oral Mouth Cleanser.


Ingredients: Rosemary, White Oak Bark, Myrrh gum, Comfrey root, Allspice, Bloodroot, Echinacea, Alfalfa, Bayberry bark, Amla, Plantain, Charcoal, Bentonite clay and essential oils blend.  (All Herb Nothing else!)

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    Herbal Teech & Gum Powder

    Posted by Cheryl Palmer on Oct 25th 2020

    All natural and refreshing product for healthy teeth and gums. This product gets teeth cleaner than using toothpaste. Requires rinsing mouth well.

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