Published by Aja Nurturing Naturals Certified Herbalist & Iridologist on Dec 17th 2017

We play a major role in our health, good or bad. There are certain changes we can make to get healthy to make our lives better and the people around us. Do you really know how important it is for YOU to take control of your own life and what is best for you? Do you truly know how important YOU are in the whole process of you getting healthy and experiencing health happiness? We as individuals should know what is best for us and our health, not someone else, whether they have MD or PHD behind their names. Of course every one plays a role on the stage of life, but YOU should play the main character of determining what is best for YOU. We as individuals should be treated that way, not on a sliding scale based off someone else, especially when it comes to our health. Lets take blood pressure for instance; I have always been told that 120 over 80 blood pressure was the "ideal" number for everyone. As I started to do my research and studied what those 2 numbers truly represent (systolic and diastolic) it didn't make since for everyone to be judged by the same number. The systolic number or top number of your blood pressure represents your flight or fight response also known as adrenaline. That number will fluctuate up or down depending on the situation. If you find yourself in a dangerous circumstance, experiencing intense pain, or that nervous feeling you get when you are about to get your blood pressure checked by your doctor, that number will rise, sometimes as close to 200 depending on the situation (that number can also fall too low, which can cause nervousness, anxiety, palpitations etc, which we will discuss in depth at another time).

After everything has calmed down and you find yourself more relaxed, then it will lower itself back to your natural pressure for YOU. The diastolic or bottom number is the kidney function or the body pressure. I do agree that 80 is the best number to maintain but if you do find that number higher than 80 say 90 or higher, it could mean a number of things but is not an indicator that you have "high blood pressure". Rising blood pressure is actually a survival technique of the body to make sure that blood is flowing everywhere in the body it needs to be. This CAN NOT be fixed with taking a pill. This will take YOU to figure out what changes you have made in your life, to cause the rising of your body pressure. It is also very important to make sure your kidney's are filtering so that waste can be removed properly. I am writing this today because there is an epidemic of people being prescribed blood pressure pills when they are very unnecessary. If your body is raising the pressure to adjust the changes that have been made to the body, lowering the pressure prematurely could have some very dire consequences that are causing and will cause a lot of serious issues...........Oh, don't worry, there is a pill for that too {insert sarcasm here please}.

Also, did you know your blood pressure should be checked on both arms and not just one? You have two kidneys and two adrenal glands on both sides and if you want to check your body pressure more accurately, you should want to know the numbers for both the right and left side, not just one side. As an herbal practitioner I treat the whole person as an individual, not the symptoms or the dis-ease. We are here to help you along your health journey but it is YOU my dears who need to do the work.


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