Posted by Aja Nurturing Naturals Certified Herbalist & Iridologist on Mar 11th 2018

cide: "killer or act of killing"

As you know  'cide' is used in the formation with compounds words like homicide, suicide, and genocide etc. We know that those words carry a very negative connotation that no one wants to be associated with. But have you thought about what that means for your herbs that are growing around you to be used as foods or medicines in a time of crisis? Yep, you guessed it, herbicides means the killing of herbs simply put. Those lovely plants or flowers that we unknowingly call weeds or pests are growing there for a reason, in your yards, for you to use when needed.

RoundUp is the number one selling herbicide and once absorbed into the leaves, glyphosate cannot be broken down. The glyphosate moves quickly through the plant and accumulates in areas of active growth called meristems. Spraying a plant with RoundUp results in a lack of protein synthesis in that plant and without amino acids plants stop growing. It kills them at the root so they never come back.......

Here are some of the herbs or "weeds" that is on the Wanted:Dead list that are actually used for some wonderful medicines and foods:

Red Clover: great as a blood cleanser, can be used as food, cancer,

Chickweed: great for allergies, as a food, blood purifier, cholesterol and obesity

Dandelion: great for arthritis,  as a food, gallbladder, liver disorders, blood pressure (high)

Plantain: great for kidneys, wounds, external hemorrhages, diarrhea, blood poisoning

I know everybody is not into preserving herbs and some are more interested in maintaining that 1st place trophy for "Best Yard in the Neighborhood" award but at least try something more natural like vinegar. When used on sunny days can be very effective at removing your supply of future medicine and food [insert sarcasm then laughter here]. It may take more than one application but you will sleep and feel better knowing you are not contributing to the contamination of your soil for years and years to come.


Peace be unto you, as his Love surrounds you, to give you the wisdom to know that Herbs were made especially for you.......