Nurturing Naturals Rose Gold Hydrating Anti-Aging serum

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Nurturing Naturals Rose Gold Hydrating serum is as pure as it sounds. Nothing added, nothing artificial!  Our Rose Gold serum is unique because it is made with real organic whole Rosehip fruit, real Rose petals and real 24k gold flakes! 

Nurturing Naturals Rose Gold Hydrating serum can be applied in the morning or at night to keep your skin soft, dewy and silky smooth! It can also be used as a primer before applying your makeup and to help reduce redness since it's non-greasy.

The fatty acids and natural vitamins A, C and E in our rose gold serum moisturize the skin, promote skin regeneration and rejuvenation and can improve skin flexibility and permeability. Using our serum in the morning will allow your skin to enjoy antioxidant benefits during the day as a natural moisture barrier helping to offer skin protection benefits against environmental stressors and to reduce the signs of aging. It is also beneficial at treating dark spots, tightening the pores and brightening the skin.

 Helping skin heal from scars and moisturizing it, fights free radicals to protect against aging, wrinkles, reduce redness, relieving acne, fighting inflammation, relieving stress and promoting circulation.

Gold can prevent blackheads and acne thanks to its antibacterial nature. 

Nutrients of gold can clean up dirt and toxins that stick into the face or body, plus it is useful for improving blood circulation.

Gold provides oxygen supply to the outer layers of the skin.

Gold reduces swell on the face, irritation and redness. The contents of gold itself has the ability to speed the flow of lymph around your skin.

Gold assures skin moisture as well as stimulating collagen production to improve skin texture to become tight, springy, clean and healthy, because gold also works as an anti-aging agent, it makes the skin look much younger, because gold provides elasticity to the skin.

Nourish your skin like a true queen!

Ingredients:  Egyptian Rose flowers, Bulgarian Rose flowers, 24K gold flakes, Organic Rosehip fruit and Apricot Kernel seed oil

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